Does it bother you that you can't buy a phone with Kit Kat?

With the exception of the Nexus line and the Moto x, there are no phones on Kit Kat yet. That means if you help a family member get a phone right now they will always be at least 1 update behind since most companies are track now to get Kit Kat out right before the release of Android 5.0.

I personally don't think Android has added much since Ice Cream Sandwich but I think that just shows that the platform is now more in the hands of Samsung, HTC, and LG than ever.

I think we are seeing a lot of danger signs for Android going forward. We're going to see growth stagnate because of fragmentation issues and startups preferring the more lucrative iOS audience. Google needs to get OEMs to push updates or the platform itself is going to spin out of their control. Once China Mobile gets the iPhone, they are also going to lose their biggest potential market and have some serious threats going forward.