My own smartwatch concept

This is my current watch:

It doesnt do much, it just shows me the time. What I like about it is that is pretty and simple at the same time.

The problema with today`s smartwatches (as many have pointed out) is that they are not fashionable, they are not jewlery (like normal watches), instead they are like tiny PCs.

So, with that in mind, I started to work with my not-so-good Photoshop skills, and put up the Following images:

That would be my custom watch face on the Surface Watch. You push the side button and goes to this screen:

You can see here your notifications and apps. You swipe sideways to see other apps.

This would be the phone app, in which you can see your call history and if you tap on the phone icon, it starts a phone call in your actual phone.

So, that`s that. The beauty of this concept is that you could change the leather strap (size 22) to any of your own, or go to a regular watch store and buy more.

PS: The Verge should REALLY fix the posting process on Internet Explorer.