So... lost my iPhone [Update - found :)]

In the UK, just rang it - rang out.

Tried iCloud 2 mins later - nothing found.

Tried calling it again - straight to answer phone.

Someone obviously has it and has turned it off...

Wish Apple would add a passcode for turning devices off - anyone know why they don't, seems so obvious? (not gonna get this phone back :()

*** UPDATE ***

Well, well, well... 'tis the season of goodwill.

The morning after I went back to the restaurant and bars I was in and didn't have any luck finding the phone. I then remembered I was in a takeaway and yes - the takeaway owner had the phone. In the few minutes between calling it initially and trying iCloud the battery died - just bad luck!

The guy who found it was a really nice bloke - said he was going to hold onto it for a week and then give it to one of his nephews. He didn't have a Lightning cable to charge it back up and didn't hear it ringing initially.

My initial gripe stands though even though it wouldn't have helped in this situation - Apple should add an option to require a passcode to power down a device.