Why is HP not promoting devices like this?

I came across a device by HP when I am browsing bestbuy which is a fantastic product for the price.

Just an year ago, HP released envy X2 windows 8 tablet with specs like 11.6 HD display, Clovertrail dual core atom, 2GB RAM, 64GB SSD at $850.

Now the device (pavilion x2) in the above link has same display but every other spec is a big improvement (Bay trail Pentium quad core 2Ghz processor, 4GB RAM, 128GB SSD). Most importantly its priced at $529 ($330 less than envy x2).

Tech enthusiasts may complain about low res display but for majority it does not matter and it has the same resolution as Macbook air 11.6.

I don't understand why HP is not promoting the devices like these when they are offering so much more than the competition.

They are also doing the same with HP Omni which is a great value but you don't even see it listed on their own website.

I don't think they will be/are successful with their android tablets. They should concentrate on Windows devices which is their stronghold.