The case for circular smartwatches

Every smartwatch that has been released recently has been square/rectangular, from the Sony SmartWatch 2 to the Galaxy Gear. I think it makes more sense and looks better to do a circular watch.

I don't want to do any extended swiping on a tiny screen while my finger blocks half of my view. Nor do I want to poke around on tiny/hidden/capacitive navigation buttons. As a guy who has tiny wrists I could never see myself wearing something big enough to support a large enough touchscreen.

The answer is to make a smart watch with a rotating dial/bezel. Cameras, iPods, Nest Thermostat...the solution to quick navigation on small screens has been the wheel.It's a simple elegant solution that has a base in regular watches. Watches with rotating bezels are mainstream. I swear every time someone got a new watch in high school the first question asked was does the bezel rotate?

They're fast and simple to interact with. Lockscreen interactions could be as simple as a full rotation to dismiss a notification or a half rotation to reappear later. Once inside the menus, rotate to scroll. No more swiping tiny screens or hunting down a button.

I want one button, on the side to bring up (or dismiss) a radial navigation menu (I'd do back, home and straight to the notification screen). Radial menus would be perfect for a circular device making use of every bit of screen real estate.

We've seen this situation before with the Nest which changed the the landscape of thermostats with its simple easy to use control dial. It looks great and its not something only techies would buy. Circle or square, we need watches not scaled down smartphones.

TLDR I wish Tony Fadell would make a smartwatch.