Looking for a "DUMB" LED LCD tv from Amazon - have credit / gift cards to spend. Any tips?

I'm looking for a great "dumb" tv - just a nice fast LED LCD Panel with a sharp crisp picture and good visibility for a sunlit room. I say "dumb" since i don't need/want all those "smart" tv features. Already have a HTPC and Xbox One and i'm looking to upgrade my old and trust Samsung 37" inch to a 40-50 inch tv.

Anyone have any experience with the LG tvs? Should i stick with Samsung? Anything to avoid? Do you guys with 120hz sets have real 120hz panels are is it voodoo LED synch faking 120hz? asking about LG since they have non smart tvs super competitively priced but i haven't used an LG in years and they seemed to have had quality issues for a bit.

Are you happy with a 60hz set? My tv is undoubtedly a slower/older panel and i've had NO problems.. but then again, its 37" in so slowness may not be as visible as it would on a set much larger.

thanks for any feedback/recommendations. Only looking at amazon since i have a surplus of credit with them and hopefully can find the set with prime shipping too :)