Interesting, but ultimately flawed, article by Business Insider

The Unthinkable Is Happening, Apple's Dominance In Apps Is Slipping Away To Android

It is an interesting article. If developers are getting 90 cents on Android for every dollar on iOS that means that things are progressing repidly and soon what Eric BullSchmidt said ("soon apps will be coming to Android first) will come true, right?

Well, no. Even if the profit ratio becomes 1:1 between the App Store and the Play Store, I believe that a lot of developers will go iOS first. My reasoning for this includes the following points:

1. The power of habit: most start-ups, especially in the USA, go for iOS first and Android later simply because they are used to programming for that platform (I have no concrete evidence for this, but I'm just describing my train of thought here so don't take what I'm saying as gospel). Consequently, they are more likely to stick to iOS-first for the near-term future. For these devs, Android will always comes second.

2. Ultimately, the profit ratio may become 1:1 (or even more in favor of Android, you never know) but for developers to consider Android first that is not enough. A 1:1 profit ratio will be enough for turning the tide IF AND ONLY IF the development time, cost and fuss for developing for Android is also equal to the time, cost and fuss for developing for iOS. According to a lot of devs (but again, I have no concrete evidence to support this, just conventional wisdom, which can be wrong), developing for iOS is way simpler, faster and less fussy than developing for Android. So that's another reason for those devs to remain iOS-first.

Don't get me wrong, I'm an Android user that really likes the platform but I don't think that Apple is in that much of a trouble as this article is making it seem.

Your thoughts? Please, PLEASE, PLEEEEASE, refrain from flaming each other. Let's keep this civil.