Wireless Headphones for WP8.1 & 'Cortana'

I've been searching for Windows Phone 8 compatible headphones for awhile, but have yet to find a pair that meet my criteria. I was hoping some of you might have some suggestions for me, but also that this post can be used to collect info about different wireless headphones for folks with different criteria.


When it comes to wireless headphones I've identified three primary styles: over the head, behind the head, and in-ear corded. With the in-ear corded sometimes having in-ear or over-ear stabilizers.

Nokia-purity-pro-bh-940_medium Motorolas10-hdwirelessstereoheadphones445284_2_medium

My criteria

Style: Over the head is too much for my needs. They tend toward the more expensive and are a little more obvious than something I need for everyday use. I also primarily listen to podcasts so the extra audio quality isn't needed. I'm open to suggestions on the other two styles, though I wear glasses so behind the head might be problematic.


  • Sound proof (blocking some external noise, and does not badly bleed sound)
  • Mic
  • Controls: volume, call answering/pause, Windows key/speech commands
  • Good battery life
  • Affordable


With those criteria in mind I went on an extensive search and finally settled on Jaybird's Bluebuds X


They seemed to have everything I wanted and more: right style, controls, 8hr battery life (play time), fairly affordable, and for the in-ear style they're compact compared to some that have a large box that sits just over the bud.

The Hitch

I was about ready to put in my order, however, one "feature" stopped me: Jenna Voice Prompts

Having voice on board makes for a great user experience. With voice prompts, getting to your first track is so smooth and simple. Put your headphones on, hold the power button and Jenna takes over saying "power on", then "headphones connected". Push play and your music begins. Jenna also helps with pairing.

With Cortana around the corner and what will hopefully be a best-in-class voice control and assist functions, I'm hesitant about putting a piece of voice software in the mix from a company that primarily focuses on hardware. In the past software experiences from accessory manufacturers tend not to be the best.

I'm looking for any advice or experiences from users about wireless headphones in general or the bluebuds in particular.