Hanging Out at Best Buy I Noticed 5 Things About These Top Products

So sneaking off from the family during a mall outing for the holidays to play with the toys at Best Buy I noticed some things that seemed interesting to me.

1. PlayStation and Xbox are selling out but PlayStation to be selling out faster. One employee said it was selling 3:1 PlayStation this holiday season but that seemed wildly inaccurate. So I asked the manager and he explained that they get 30 - 40 consoles in from each system and they always sell out with the PlayStation selling out fast on the Sunday delivery. He also noted there are times the Xbox shipments are way larger and Sony's are smaller.

2. The PlayStation Controller is pretty junkie. I don't mean to start a war about this but I noticed that the rubber was pealed off from people playing it. I mean it has only been out a few weeks and the rubber is already pealing off? Furthermore, the plastic underneath the rubber was kinda weak in my opinion. However, when playing my 360 the rubber came off to on the toggle stick but it was from years of abuse and the plastic underneath was sturdy. It was just a little weird of my impression of the controller with that piece of rubber off the toggle... made it seem cheap.

3. People are paying attention and purchasing the Surface Product. I saw two Surface Pro 2's sold the 15 minutes I was standing there. In fact, I was surprised that not many people were even paying attention to the Ipad products at all. They were with the Windows and Samsung tablets.... Which oddly seemed to be mixed in with the Windows Products. To me it was surprising and it is a real thing that people know what it is an want it.

4. With that said there seems to be a consumer acceptance for Android tablets but a lack of understanding on what the device can actually do. I hear things like "is there a USB port" and how can I sync this with my computer. As usual the Best Buy employees don't really ask the customer what they need it for or what they might be doing but rather just some tech specs of what they know to make a sell. Nevertheless, people bought the android products too.

5. Nobody was going near the Chrome Books there seems to be a complete understanding that if I want a laptop I am going to get a Mac or PC... It almost comes off as a waste of space for Best Buy to be giving them that much room in there store for something that doesn't seem to attract any attention.