Why most don't wanna be bothered with Google+?

Serious question. I don't know anyone that uses google+. They may have a account but they never use it. I don't think its horrible but it can be very confusing. And people don't really want to learn how to use a social network, it should come natural to them. Most of the top YouTubers don't really care for it, high school kids, college students, celebrities, etc. could careless about it. What i find mostly on google+ is a bunch google evangelist, IT geeks, photographers, and google evangelist. Its been 2 years now and its at the point where google is forcing itself onto people to be connected to it. Yes google+ has a bunch of features compared to other social network platforms but i learned a while ago that more features doesn't mean a better product. And the people on G+ think there better then the other people using Facebook, twitter, Instagram, and vine. I believe thats another problem google+ has, its the fanboys. If you say something negative about google+ on google+ they go into a rage. So what are your thoughts on why most don't want to bothered with google+. I tried it and I didn't hate it but it just wasn't for me.