Stylish and Functional Cases - Help

I don't normally ask for such help because I feel that users should be able to google most information themselves. However..

I've just got a new macbook air 2013 model and like any cautious owner, want to purchase a case for it before it starts seeing the outside world. I've been looking on ebay, youtube for hours on end and can't seem to find a suitable case that meets my demands. So that means that either:

1. My demands are too high

2. I'm just not looking in the right places.

So I've come to forum I think can really help.

The things that I'm looking for in a sleeve:

- Stylish. This can be a highly subjective demand and is open to interpretation however just for an example of what I consider stylish, look below (this is the Handgraft MBA 13" cover). I'm looking for a minimal cover with nice materials. Usually leather (doesn't need to be real but if it is obviously fake then it doesn't look very nice) or a wool material but am open to others

- Functional. My main function for using a sleeve will be carrying it around uni. I prefer to hand carry my laptops so most of the time it won't be going into my bag. I would also like my sleeve to offer some padding/protection in the event that I do drop it (touch wood)

Note: I'm looking for a sleeve as opposed to a case.

Note 2: The sleeve below doesn't offer enough protection for me.

Note 3: I live in tiny New Zealand at the bottom of the earth (where the hobbits come from) so hopefully any recommendations can be got from ebay or some other site which offers international postage

Note 4: Given the amount I've already spent on this beauty, I'm not averse to spending some money on a nice sleeve. However I can't justify any sleeve which would go into the $100+ region. Don't see how much functionality it can offer to ask for such a price.

Note 5: I have no more notes.

So I'm putting it out to you guys for any suggestions that you may have. This is my first time posting here so don't disappoint me!

Thanks all!