Lumia 1020 now or Lumia 929 in a couple of months?


I currently own a Lumia 800, bought on India launch day : Dec 16, 2011. Yes, I am part of that minority which still has a WP7.8 device. Mostly because my phone is still in a good shape & that I get attached to gadgets I own and do not dispense them quickly! Now that the second anniversary of my phone is nearing, I wish to upgrade to a new Windows Phone device. I am torn between these options :

Lumia 1020 - Available in India for roughly 45K INR (725 USD), with no freebies. While the camera reviews have been positive, the 2-3 second lag between consecutive shots is what's bothering me. If I buy this phone, it would simply be for the camera and nothing else. Any owners out here, who could tell me how it works in a real life scenario? Are you able to get remarkably better photographs/ does the camera app seem slow to you/ does the hump necessitate putting on a cover? If Lumia1020 is as good in amateur hands as advertised in reviews, it could make sense to switch.

Lumia 929 - Not even official yet. But a 5 inch 1080p screen, with a 20MP shooter, is enough to make me interested. Keeping in mind, that even after its official launch for Verizon, I may not be able to get my hands on an international version for a month or two - my question is this - will it be worth the wait?

SideNote: A local retailer, namely, is offering a 7K INR exchange offer for my Lumia 800, which I would otherwise be too lazy to sell on eBay.

I know it ultimately boils down to preferences, but while comparing between devices that a) none of my friends own b) is not launched, I have insufficient data to make an 'informed' decision.