More people are buying Win 7 than 8

The main competitor to Windows 8.x, Windows 7, spanked its homegrown rival in November. As The Next Web's Emil Protalinski pointed out earlier today, "Windows 7 grabbed 0.22 percentage points (from 46.42 percent to 46.64 percent). In November, Windows 7 thus managed to gain more share than Windows 8 and Windows 8.1 combined." That 0.22% is more than four times the aggregate growth curve for Windows 8.x during the month.

Windows 7 is a really strong product and until there are some killer Metro only apps I can't see Windows 8 thriving. PC are still buying PCs but that's in spite of and not because of Windows 8.

The next CEO should just keep developing the desktop interface and just keep the Metro interface for consumer products like Xbox. This makes even more sense if they spin off the Xbox division and just keep the moneymakers. People aren't attracted to the world of Metro tiles and it makes sense for them to just keep improving what they are good at which is the desktop and enterprise world.