Anyone with broken Nexus 5 screen already?

I broke mine yesterday. Dropped a glass bowl on top of it and the glass panel cracked heavily. Phone and touch panel works absolutely fine except for the cracked glass on top of it.

Called LG today and sending it in to replace the display. Not sure how much it's going to end up costing me. Anyone unfortunate to be in similar situation?


Sent it to LG with USPS 2day shipping on my cost with insurance. Package got delayed/lost indefinitely with the winter storm in Texas (LG is in DFW area). Was finally delivered after 10 days!!

LG was pretty swift. They took a look at the phone and let me know by email that it's not covered under warranty and was quoted 146$ to replace the screen or with a refurbished phone. Paid with my credit card on phone with their rep and they shipped it back the same day on their cost. It's now waiting to be picked up from my local FedEx office.