One week with two Dell Venue Pro 8

I am a Surface Pro user but after hours I usually use a Kindle Fire HD. For Twitter and Pocket it is ideal. Nice size, comfortable to hold for reading. (I use a Paperwhite for books). But that browser... kinda slow and clunky. I did load Firefox and Dolphin but it turns out the slowness is there as well.

I went ahead and bought a Kindle Fire HDX but once I saw the blue tint at the edges back it went. So I went ahead and grabbed a Dell Venue 8 from Staples. I thought it would be nice to have everything I use on my Surface Pro available to me without the weight. I loaded my usual apps and took a look at the available space: 4.65G. Obviously the 32G was not going to work. But I kept it a few days to see if I would be happy with the 8" size and screen resolution. (Same as my 7" HD so a drop in PPI).

After a week I have to say its awesome having everything the same as my work tablet. After a few days I ordered the 64G version and it is sitting at 39G free. Certainly plenty of space. The 8" is taking some getting used to but I think I will adapt soon, now its still just a little larger than I am expecting after using a 7" tablet for two years.

My only real complaint is the screen resolution... its just barely OK. I would have paid another $100 for a higher res screen. Oh and the lack of a native Pocket app. I am using Pouch and its pretty good, but its not as good as even the Kindle Pocket app (Which is not as nice as the iPad Pocket app on my wife's iPad).

I am really pleased to see how well Windows 8 scales to an 8" device and I am REALLY looking forward to a higher res device in the future.