2013 the worst gaming year of the past decade?

There were shooters, that are released every damn year, there was bioshock infinite, which was a brief oasis in a vast desert of nothingness (but still a shooter).

Where were the rpgs? Totally absent. wasteland 2 pushed to 2014, same goes for divinity original sin - project eternity slated for 2014, over and over and over. Oh I forgot, dragon age inquisition... 2014. Just an awful year for rpgs.

space sims? Stay tuned for later years - star citizen looks promising, but that's about it, and nothing of note in 2013.

mobas? same old same old, but at least they are updating

strategy games? just starcraft, stopped playing that after it came out years ago now.

shooters? who cares, I'll leave that to you shooter lovers, who have an entire universe to explore in escapist fantasy and sci fi... and choose a dude with a gun as your favored archetype to latch onto, because THAT's so novel

On the plus side, 2014 looks infinitely better, so let's get through this year to get to that one.