Enabling Increase Contrast for performance

I discovered today that enabling Increase Contrast gives noticeable improvements in smoothness to multiple devices, all the way up to the iPad air which had stuttery auto-rotate animations in certain areas.

Although the effect is most noticeable on the 1st-gen iPad mini and 4S, I could still observe a very tangible increase in smoothness on my 5 and my retina iPad mini, especially the 5 which regained the butter-smooth 60fps transition and scrolling animations that it had in iOS 6.

Even if you have the latest iPad air, I still encourage you to try out Increase Contrast for at least a bit. It'll really give iOS 7 the smoothness that all iOS devices deserve.

Really makes me think that the frosted glass is part of Apple's planned obsolescence scheme...the impact on the smoothness of the device for some blur effects (which are almost indiscernible outside of NC, CC and imageviews) is just not worth it. I'd take the iPhone 4-esque unblurred translucency and butter-smooth performance any day.