Joining the tribe

Well it looks like I've slowly been drifting into the tribe over the past few months starting with the student deals on the RT this summer to getting a free dev 1020 which should be arriving in the mail tomorrow if UPS doesn't drop the ball. Currently I have an RT, SP2, Windows 8.1 laptop, XB1, 620, 820 and soon a 1020. I have not given windows phone a fair try besides using it as a test platform but would like to try when my 1020 arrives. One of my major issues with switching to windows phone is the lack of compatibility with my pebble. Another problem is I heavily use google hangouts which I'm under the impression there aren't very good options for it. Not to mention how invested I am currently in the android ecosystem in terms of apps on top of the fact that the mobile humble bundles are android only. I've been due for an update since my gnexus has been EOL. I guess the reason why I'm posting is to get some advice on how to optimize the use of WP and make it the most enjoyable possible. Possibly app suggestions and tricks and traits of platform that may not be completely obvious to begin with.