What Should Glass 2.0 Be Like?

Google is aiming for a 2014 consumer release of Google Glass. Given the lessons learned from 2013 and the public beta, what should the consumer version be like?


IMO, I think Google should leverage Motorola and use its X8 system for Glass. The advantages are longer battery life because low power cores do the gesture detection and syncing, and always on listening, increasing the immediacy of Glass actions.


This may seem counter intuitive, but I think Google should add a little bulk. It is completely asymmetrical right now so the left side could get another battery and double the battery life while making it more aesthetically pleasing.


Most of the Glass videos I've seen seem kind of shaky, which makes sense given that it's on the head. Google should incorporate OIS and upgrade to a better 8MP camera at least on par with 2013 smartphones.


Include better support for Google Voice and iMessage. I at least expect Voice as Google promised to merge it into Hangouts. iMessage also deserves support. I imagine many Glass users may have an iPhone.


Glass doesn't need GPS. The smartphone has it so why waste Glass's tiny battery and take up valuable space? The My Glass app should get device administrator status so it can turn on the GPS when necessary and switch modes for situation and battery efficiency (referring to 4.4 location modes)


Google Goggles needs to make a comeback. After taking a picture, one of the options that pop up should be to do a Goggle search.

What do you think? Do you have any ideas about what Google should do or have any thoughts on the above suggestions?