Quality Gets Better Over Time: Will Google > Apple Eventually?

By evidence of Google itself (Android), quality gets better over time, no matter how long it takes. Android (and Google in general) has always been known as a company that churns out products that work GREAT, but don't always look great or feel unfinished (Android before ICS, Wave, GTalk, etc.).

But they're catching up and they're catching up fast. Some would argue that they're at a level almost equal to Apple now (in terms of Android vs iOS) but they're not quite there yet. Some things that are still "worse" are hardware (camera, battery) and sometimes software (optimization, etc).

Eventually they're going to catch up, and if Apple keeps up their slow pace, Google will just come at them from all areas: Android, Glass, Smartwatches, Cars, the Internet.

Do you think - if and when that day comes - Apple will start to become like what Blackberry is now (popular for a long time at first, but as they slow down, start to lose to others) and Google eclipses them?

Constructive comments please, I'd like to have a great read and discussion, and not responses like "No." or "gtfo fanboy". Thanks.