New Separate XBox Music and Video Apps

XBox Video XBox Music

So it has been a few days now and I'm curious as to he overall reaction of Windows Phone users on the new apps. Personally I like both, I think they both look better than their unified predecessor and the ability to manipulate and create new playlists from the app is great, however, as far as the music app goes, I'm really missing the music app hub and history features, these things will kept me using the Music+Video app at least until these things are added to the new apps or the original is ditched in 8.1. The lack of podcast support is rather disheartening as well. Mind you, these both just entered the app store, and they aren't really forcing anyone into downloading them yet, so the apps may still be in beta, however it is still slightly disappointing to see the lack of features that were already present in the previous version. It also seems that these apps aren't working flawlessly for everyone yet, and even I have experienced some syncing issues, although I'm glad that the downloaded music not available in the Store now shows up in the playlists.


  • Looks great and feels more concurrent with the rest of the platform
  • XBox Video actually allows you to buy movies from the app now
  • Modification of, and creation of playlists is now available


  • A lack of features and podcast support
  • Reports and reviews have shown that the app crashes often for certain users
  • Syncing is not working well for all users