Instapaper vs. Pocket on iOS

I've been using Pocket for a while as my read later service until I decided to try Instapaper when it became free for the app of the week. Now I'm kind of torn on what to do. I really like Instapaper's reading experience and typography more than Pocket's, but it has several problems.

Pocket seems to be able to parse articles much better; Instapaper sometimes has extra stuff or missing pictures in an article. Also, I can't get Instapaper to save multiple pages of an article, whether it's through the bookmarklet or an app like Reeder or Flipboard. Finally, iOS 7 background refresh doesn't seem to work on Instapaper on neither my iPhone or iPad, yet Pocket works flawlessly.

I really want to love Instapaper since its fonts and customization are great, but these problems are getting too annoying for me to stick with it. I was wondering if anyone here has encountered similar problems and has an opinion on this.