Cheap Minimalist Watches?

I need a new watch.

I don't want a G-Shock or something by Seiko, Citizen, etc. as I want something a bit more modern and minimalist (I still like them though). I've looked at Swatches and they were a bit too small for me.

Void makes some nice watches (I like the V02 and the V03) but they're a bit on the expensive side. So are the ones made by Braun.

The Nava Design ones are OK but I worry about shipping fees.

I really like the Sometimes Watch and the Luna but I think they're only available in the US (I live in Hong Kong which is why I think the Void would be the most realistic choice since their headquarters are based in HK.).

I have a budget of 130 USD.

These are the ones which I've narrowed it down to:

-The Witherspoon Watch

-The Mirror Watches (I think this looks a bit too childish though)

-The Lexon Watch (Same for this one)

-The Shenandoah Large Watch

-Something made by Muji

-And this Plus Minus Zero

I like the Witherspoon and Shenandoah most of all.

So, stylish Vergers, what are your recommendations? What are you wearing on your wrists right now? Really interested into seeing your choices.

Thanks a lot in advance!