Help deciding on new Android device

I'm now coming up to renewing my contract and am after an Android device after having an iPhone 5. However, I'm torn between the LG G2, Galaxy S4, or HTC One - all of which seem to offer certain things over the others, but with certain compromises. Here's my view of things, and I was wondering if people could post their experiences with the devices, or which one they'd chosen for what reason.

LG G2 - No expandable storage / No removable battery

HTC One - No expandable storage / Slightly older device (will it still be relevant in 24 months?) / Battery life?

Galaxy S4 - Plastic display / Battery life?

I'm leaning towards the LG G2 as the phone with the best performance, but expandable storage really seems to be a deal breaker to me. All reviews say the LG G2 outperforms the Galaxy S4, but is it significant since the downfalls of the S4 can easily be addressed with additional accessories.

Also (for the UK readers) I have a choice of 3 and EE (T-Mobile) - again, after experience from those who have used each, which would you pick?


Thanks in advance.