Google Now is Useless in the UK


The service I once saw as a WolframAlpha imitation is following a very different path towards memory replacement.

Google now has been seen to do amazing things: from informing the user of relevant, important current affairs to responding intelligently to user needs.

It is a hugely interesting technology with great potential for later expansion in capability. The functionality has been crowned as Google's pride and joy.


Unfortunately, within reality of my life, it asserts itself as far less productive and more of an annoyance.

In conformance with the advice of fellow Google Now users, i have allowed the service to access and provide all the data it can. This is done intending for the service to be able to work to its highest ability (you get what you give).

Despite this, the result is an application that provides weather information, needless travel times, and irrelevant sports scores. All the while, it will milk my phone's battery, and repeatedly spam me with notifications of just such information.

All the above services are redundant. I require them so infrequently, I can fetch them myself via their dedicated applications without hassle.


The reason, aggravatingly enough, could be Google's collision with the law.

For me, the most valuable feature of Google Now is its ability to automatically parse all of your noisy inboxes and extract vital information that you would not want to miss. It can then intelligently act upon what it finds accordingly.

The Problem: due to the UK government's investigation into controversial data-collection, this ability has been restricted forcibly.


Now, i am left contemplating whether i should continue allowing Google to track my use of services and harvest my data in the hope that Google may once roam free and Google Now may come of use, or whether to abandon a dream experience so that my frustration can end.