Did a year with exclusively with a Lumia 920, just picked up a Nexus 5


I'm just going to break this down into my honest pros and cons to both phones and platforms.

Lumia 920 Pros

  • Much better battery life. I was never, ever concerned about making it a full day. Extremely little battery use in standby.
  • Much louder and clearer speakers
  • The quality of the screen. It's better outside than the Nexus 5 and it's much more sensitive. I don't really see any difference in resolution between these panels.
  • The camera and software kick the shit out of the Nexus 5. Much better low light shots. Nokia Pro Cam absolutely crushes anything on the Android platform, and creates usable shots that are simply not currently possible on the Nexus 5 with stock software (super macro, aperture speeds, exposure vales etc)
  • The camera button
  • Overall "sturdier" and better made. This one is subjective obviously, but the Lumia 920 was just very solid. Much better plastic than the Nexus 5.
  • Colors
  • Easier to sync music and whatnot for noobs because Microsoft has a syncing tool for Mac
  • Better Music App
Lumia 920 Cons
  • Off contract price (on contract the Lumia 920 was a steal at the time of its launch)
  • Windows Phone isn't bad by any means, but the app situation is the main reason I switched. I can't stand being forever behind on both releases and updates.
  • Fat and "heavy"
Nexus 5 Pros
  • Thin and light
  • Wickedly, stupidly, gloriously fast
  • Seriously, there is no lag. It's exhilarating launching Google Now and it's just there instantly
  • Google Now is just awesome and it gets smarter
  • Notifications are better hands down
  • Sharing options are great
  • Android is very smart in how it brings you new updates and info (I know this is vague but think about the NYT app refreshing and giving me the best stories of the day at a certain specified time period)
  • It has processing power and RAM to spare
  • I like having the volume rocker and power button on opposite sides
  • Price, Price, Price
Nexus 5 Cons
  • Battery life is not terrible, but it's much worse than the Lumia 920 for my usage patterns
  • Camera is okay, but not really better than the Lumia 920 (even after the 4.4.2 update)
  • Camera App is absolute shit and really desperately needs both more options and a totally new layout. I want grid, shutter speed, focus and exposure options easily available. Basically copy Nokia Pro Camera
  • The power button is very shallow and hard to activate and should be placed lower down on the phone
  • The speakers are probably the worst of any smartphone I've owned.
  • The screen may be higher resolution, but I prefer the Lumia 920's. The Lumia has better color accuracy, contrast, viewing angles, sensitivity, and outdoor visibility. The pixel density difference is non existent in my eyes.

Overall I'm happy with my purchase, but not thrilled. What do you guys think?