What happens if your Xbox One HDD fails outside of your warranty?

It just dawned on me with a drive not meant to be user replaced that it might suck if your HDD ever so conveniently failed outside of warranty. I immediately posted my concerns on the Xbox One forums, but due to how terribly designed it is, I can't find my post to link. But in a nutshell, I called Microsoft Xbox One support and asked them. First, the representative seemed very lost and unsure how to respond to my question. A lot of "uhhs" and "umms" and I'm not even entirely sure the information he gave me is rock solid.

Obviously, if it's within the warranty, you send it in and they replace it. As for turnaround time, I didn't ask. He also felt obliged to inform me that if you're 30 days outside of your warranty, they can be flexible and do the replacement free of charge. When I asked what costs were incurred if outside of that grace period, I was told as little as $80 and up to $130. I didn't ask about the price gap which I found weird assuming they're replacing it with the same 5400RPM 500GB drive. He repeated numerous times how that is much cheaper than buying a new console as I kept repeating to him that that is a gross oversight that Microsoft would make the most likely component to fail not easily replaceable without voiding the warranty. He suggested and offered to provide me with a link to purchase an extended warranty on my system which I turned down and I simply asked him to send it up the chain that at LEAST one user is concerned about this.

I'm sure a ton of fanboys will jump in a curse me out for questioning Microsoft's logic. Don't bother. I'm not here to fight.

However, to the level-headed out there who understand my concern and share my opinion, please contact Microsoft support and express concern for the same yourself. Perhaps they'll listen and redesign the system or change the HDD repair policy sooner than later.

Microsoft Support

I know most users may not experience this at all, but I'm thinking about the unlucky souls that this WILL happen to.

Thanks for reading.