Screen Resolution Wars Bad?

So I was just walking around the internet when I came across the Vivo Xplay 3s, positioned at being the first 2560*1440p display phone. I got me wondering, it was a beast of a phone, similarly specced to the Galaxy note 3, but with that ridiculously high res display an a 5mp camera up front. With displays already high enough in resolution that you cannot distinguish individual pixels should manufacturers really be pursuing high resolution displays for a phone. Personally I believe the they should work on improving image quality as that would be more noticeable and less taxing for the system or maybe low power displays so you can always have information displayed without draining your battery life (kind of like that peek in the moto x does). I say this because increasing screen res taxes the system more, reducing battery life, gaming performance (which may lead to game quality drops) and system responsiveness. You could make the argument that as phones get bigger more pixels are needed, but I don't see any popular phone getting larger that 6 inches in display size at all any bigger and you are into tablet sizes. With the 1080p 6.4 inch display of the z ultra already having a rather brilliant ppi of 344, I think pursuing further resolutions increases for the purpose of gimmicky market is quite bad and will end up hitting the consumer, with poor battery life, performance and possibly image quality that what could have been achieved with a lower screen res. What do the people of the verge think ?