Play To in Microsoft Family of Devices

Of all the features in the MS devices, I find Play To as an awesome feature which doesn't get enough recognition and limelight. Access to this feature has become easier in Windows 8/8.1 through devices charm.

There are few bugs like not recognizing the device some time. To counter this I have to either close the Modern IE or restart my Xbox One.I noticed significant lag after going through half the movie time which is being played through Modern IE in Windows 8.1(I think they need to clear cache after some time).

I think this feature should be integrated into more apps like myTube in WP8 and if possible make a devices charm kind of thing in WP 8 like Windows 8.1. This should become the chromecast and airplay of Microsoft. I know this is not a screen mirroring tech like Miracast. But Play To gives the option to control media playback from the device to which the media is being played to (Like pause the video by using Kinect 2.0 in Xbox One.

I showed this feature to some people and were surprised. I played some videos and pictures to my friends Xbox using play to feature and he was amazed that I was able to do that on my Lumia 920. I showed him how he can play flash videos through metro IE to his Xbox without any hassle.

I use this feature everyday to play music and movies to my Xbox One.

Any one find this feature useful in their lives and new features they want, please discuss.