What is bulk?

Before it started making death noises, my Canon SD880IS was already pretty long in the tooth.


So of course I was excited to find that Santa brought me what many people call the "ultimate pocket camera"…

OK, it's compact, but not exactly the SD880IS, which itself was fatter than the Elphs I'd been used to shooting. I didn't complain about the 880 because I think Canon found a reasonable reference point for an acceptable size—at least to a former smoker.

So that got me back to that old saw about slider phones: "they're too bulky!" Here's the bulk of my old Droid 2 Global alongside the Nexus One, and the difference between svelte and bulky is less than 15 cents.

Does this Nexus 4 make my Nexus One look fat? The difference in thickness is even greater.

Phones are slimming to the point where a slider would be the same size as the slabs being sold just one or two years ago. You can hate sliders for other reasons, but you'd be moving the goalposts to claim that they'd still be bulky.

By the way, here are the cameras side-by-side. The Sony dwarfs my Canon by over two dollars.

Ain't even mad.