Two part question regarding LTE sticks on OSX

I am not much of an expert regarding Mac's but I was wondering if there was an answer to the following.

Disable auto-run when plugging in an LTE stick.

I have a Huawei stick and whenever I plug it in, it shows up as a CD in finder, brings up a window with their application (seems to be a partition built into the LTE stick) and proceeds to automatically run their "Connection Manager." If it's installed, it runs the installed software. If its not installed, it will run the installer automatically. Is there any way to stop this from happening? This seems like something built into OSX to auto-run special packages that are located on USB, dmg or CD/DVDs.

Automatically connect to configured GPRS modem in Network when plugging in a device.

Is there a way to automatically connect to a registered GPRS network when an LTE device is plugged in?

What I am trying to accomplish is to use a native setup for my LTE stick on OSX and have it automatically connect whenever I plugin the device. The software that comes built into the LTE stick does not allow this so I wanted to come up with something a little smarter so I won't have to wait for the software to come online and click connect.

Thanks for the help.