Best Diary App on iPhone - Part 2

Few days back I posted this,

& I discovered that the whole of Apple Core Diary/Journal writers are in love with DayOne App.

Its a nice app, But there is another Gem of an App which is getting lost in sea of apps due to the sole reason that its not targeting a particular category.

I am talking about Path. The Path actually tries to be a social network, but we all use:

1. Facebook for sharing life with our friends.

2. Foursquare for sharing locations.

3. Twitter for making anything public and following the celebrities.

4. Google Plus for Forums and Youtube.

I have been thinking of putting Path into my life simply because its a beautiful app with one of the best designs ever. I think its best use is as an Journal, particularly because its also possible to use Path in offline mode as well. Tell me your thoughts on this.