Calling All iPhone 5 Users~

So, fellow iPhone 5 users, let me tell my story (again). I own an iPhone 5. In Singapore, on a carrier called SingTel. And you know what? I hate it. Because its battery life is far from usable. There is no way(that I know of) to accurate measure the actual screen time, and I don't wanna rant about how horrible it is either. One thing of sure, it is plainly, intolerably, short. Especially with the cellular data turned on, it drains like hell.

And I don't want to hate it. I think there is gotta be something wrong. Is it the carrier? Nope, the battery life is only slightly better with Airplane Mode. Is is the Settings? I've turned off just about every single battery-draining feature (I've read countless numbers of 00 Tips to Improve Your iPhone's Battery Life articles). I don't know what's wrong. At all.

So I would really really really appreciate if you could just help me tell ur story about your iPhone 5's battery life. Your country, carrier, and your level of satisfaction about battery life, especially with LTE/3G turned on. ( long enough, acceptable, gets me through the day easily, I don't always have to worry about battery life, battery life doesn't significantly get in the way of usage, etc...). That's it. I would love to hear your stories. Thank you so much!