What Happens if Apple Makes Some Features Open

Apple makes some feature restricted to 3rd party use, and people are saying that it is unfair for them to dictate what we do. But what if they freely let developers use these features? Here it goes:

Siri - if Apple lets you create custom commands for third party apps, people are going to make vulgar commands and replies and Apple will bear the brunt of the problems out there. Remember when pranksters did this? And you'll have silly apps which makes use of Siri and have no additional functionality.

TouchID - pretty much the same, like Siri. If they allowed free use of TouchID, people will make useless apps like "security" apps with fake scanning animation and earn money off of it, and that's not really something you want to see in the App Store charts. Apple will definitely give 3rd party access in the future, but they'd have to enforce really strict guidelines so people won't abuse it.

iMessage and FaceTime - maybe Apple's just being an ass for not opening these feature up, but you can't blame a company for trying to leverage this as a big and seamless feature for unifying iOS and OSX.

Agree or disagree? What else can you think of?

Edit: Here are some more things mentioned:

  • Nitro JavaScript Engine
  • Dynamic Icons
  • Greater inter-app sharing