Verge API Feature Requests

Verge Product Team,

I am not sure if this is totally out of the line so thought I'll ask. I read The Verge on my Windows Phone and considering the lack of any good option to do that, I started developing an app which is now in store with basic reading and watching experience.

Anyways, this post is not about the app but to request few features in the API. The Verge API is one of the best set of data APIs I have come across. I have a few suggestions/feature requests:

  • In the entries list API, exclude body content. When loading the list for news, reviews et al, downloading body is consuming the most bandwidth. It's very unlikely that the users are reading every entry so the body is being downloaded and never used. Most of the times, we are just looking at the headlines. A separate API which gives just the body will be great.
  • An API to get entry details by id. When an article has links to other articles on the verge, the linked article is shown in browser because there is no way to get the entry data. It'll be best if the linked article is shown right in the app.
  • More data in comments API. Having user thumbnail and number of recommends in the comments would make those even better to read in mobile apps.

I can add a few more to the list but these are the top ones which will help improve the mobile apps. All this when I am using undocumented APIs to begin with. Pssst. Hope it's ok. Thanks for making the best looking tech news site out there, I am sure all the user love using it. I know I do.