Considering an iPad. What cool (not typical) stuff do you do with yours.

Hey all. First off, I never really cared for tablets of any sort. I always felt my large screen phone (currently Nexus 5) did fine for more mobile things and my MBPr did fine for everything not requiring high mobility minus gaming for which I have a PC. Since the iPad and the subsequent Android tablets that came after and the Windows tablets that followed, I could never really find a compelling reason to get one. Most of my family members have one and I've used them for light web browsing but I've personally enjoyed browsing so much more on my Mac. I always felt if I'd get any tablet at all, it would be a Surface and preferably a Surface Pro that would also give me access to many of the tools I use for work, just like a typical Windows PC because that is essentially what the Pro is. But again, my MBPr just fit the bill perfectly fine and I could never justify my purchase.

Feelings changed this Christmas after I bought my girlfriend an iPad Air (her first Apple device). I don't know if it's jealousy but after watching her use it, I wanted one and I'm considering picking up one for myself on my way home today, but simply can't figure out what I'd do with it. I'm the type that makes a lot of impulse purchases and often times end up with buyers remorse. Most recent purchase being the Xbox One which I haven't turned on in more than three weeks. I don't want this to be the same situation so I'm wondering what cool things some of you guys are doing with yours that isn't typical? Something to push me over the edge and just go for it.

Edit: I've owned the device about 11 hours now, and I absolutely love it. It's quickly replaced my MBP for regular on-the-couch use and it's replaced my Nexus 5 as the Chromecast remote with the added benefit that I can also push to my Apple TV from the same device. I have it propped up here acting as a 4th monitor at work solely to track tasks which frees up space for other things and I don't think I could be happier with my purchase. And that's just doing the "typical" things. Oh, and battery life!!! WOW!!! I'm truly impressed. Even the MBP let me down in the battery department contrary to Apple's claims. This thing is a trooper!!! I haven't felt more comfortable with the battery life on a modern device.

Thanks for the input, all! :)