ChromeOS is the future...

Happy holidays, everyone!

I recently got my parents new PCs for Christmas; my dad a laptop, and my mom an all-in-one PC. Definitely a fan of the hardware, but Windows 8 is a MESS. The number of frustrations I've had setting up both of the machines was ridiculous. The entire experience is jarring; you're supposed to stay in Modern UI/Start, but so many apps kick you out to the traditional desktop. And the entire UI is extremely unintuitive. For example, the right sidebar/quick settings area is disjointed; trying to get into Control Panel only works if you're already in the traditional desktop, NOT in Modern UI. Apps like Chrome? Kick you out to the traditional desktop. It's completely and utterly a terrible OS IMO, and half-baked at this time. Then I had to do updates that took over 2 hours to get it up and running on Windows 8.1. The Automatic Updates apparently failed, but you have to be at a specific update in order for 8.1 to show up in the App Store. So I had to Google to find the reason why I couldn't update. Such an inconvenience, and a terrible out of the box experience.

Then I think about my Acer C720 and how easy, and seamless my setup was. I logged in...and I was done. All of my bookmarks were imported, and a lot of my settings were configured. Updates are seamless and happen with a simple restart. There are very few worries about viruses and the like.

My parents don't do much outside of the traditional browser. They don't have a need for Office, and they don't have a need for photo or video editing. Unfortunately, a good all-in-one or even desktop/ChromeBox wasn't available that has a key feature I need for them (HDMI out). There's really no 15" Chromebook that's worth the money. However, the next time I need to upgrade them, I'm sure that ChromeOS will exist on higher end laptops and desktops, and I'll be ready to switch them over to ChromeOS...and I bet they won't even notice, and even if they do, they wouldn't mind.

Microsoft is right to be afraid of Google. However, Microsoft should really be afraid of its own incompetence and overcomplication.