Building a rig, need some advice.

So as the title implies, I've taken into a bit of a project, to create my rig

I've been browsing for cases, and I finally settled on buying an old Apple G5 Mac Pro case (I like minimalistic designs, something apparently foreign to case builders, and I'm not about to shell out 3000 for one of those Digital storm or Maingear set ups, just cause those cases are exactly what I want)

I know what I'm buying and so forth, but the thing is, I want to paint the case, So here is where I need help,

What Do I need? and what are the processes? is it anything like painting a car?

I'm planing on going either full Matte Black, or Matte Black with some golden accents, or a solid Matte white (maybe a Glossy white).

Any help with techniques for painting and so forth are more than welcomed.