What do you think of the Windows 8 on screen keyboard?

After having my Dell Venue 8 Pro for a couple weeks, I've come to realize how bad (at least in my opinion) the Windows 8 on screen keyboard is. I have no complaints about the rest of the operating system, just the keyboard.

Its autocorrect is often incorrect and sometimes wont even correct words that seem close to their actual spelling. I also dislike how there are only 3 word suggestions and there's no scrolling on the suggestion list for more. An annoyance I'm experiencing right now is the keyboard doesn't add apostrophes for things such as "Ive," "theres" etc.

After using a Windows Phone for over a year, which (typed whivh here, didn't correct it to which) has an excellent keyboard that I can type very fast and is extremely accurate, makes it quite jarring to use this keyboard.

Am I crazy, complaining about nothing? Anyone else have an opinion?