Apple's Decision on Inter-App Sharing

It just seems like a very simple feature, right? I mean, why can't I just share to Instagram directly from Photos? Why hasn't Apple delivers an easy-to-use API for developers to integrate a feature that its biggest competitor Android has had for years? I've been curious and honestly, a bit frustrated about this until I found out why.

Apple wants to protect all of its users.

If you think about it, it's pretty impressive to think that Apple is considering all these before implementing a seemingly must-have feature. Sure, while iOS 7 is full of bugs and issues that led me to rethink Apple's level of care about the user experience, such a decision reinforces Apple's commitment to protecting the users.

It will be also be intriguing to see what Apple does about inter-app sharing in iOS 8. They will have to implement it in some way sooner or later. I really hope see an elegant, almost non-compromise implementation with classic Apple touch and attention to detail. I am also curious to see what you guys think about it! How do u think Apple will implement it? Or do u even think this is necessary??

P.S. Just looking forward to iOS 7.1. Praying that it will be released earlier than March(according to rumours)... Why couldn't they just delay it till the end of this year so that they could finish it... (rant rant rant)