Vergecraft: join us at 6PM ET / 11PM GMT for the relaunch!

Vergecraft Realms relaunch

Vergecraft Realms is a community oriented, survival based Minecraft server started by the Verge two years ago. This weekend we’re relaunching and you’re invited to take part!


Vergecraft Realms features two worlds to accommodate various playstyles. In the PvP (player vs. player) world, players can fight to their heart’s content, go on raids, explore and engage in cutthroat diplomacy and deception to destroy their enemies. In the PvE (player vs. environment) world, survive against Minecraft’s mobs and the elements at their worst, work with friends and build up. Your imagination is the limit. Vergecraft features a wide range of plugins to aid in your quests and ensure a fun experience such as Factions, allowing you to team up with your friends.

How to Join

  1. You’ll need a Minecraft account and a copy of the game.
  2. Read the player's guide and server rules.
  3. Apply in our white-list thread here. (If you were already whitelisted before the relaunch, you are already on the list.)
  4. Connect to the Vergecraft server from the multiplayer menu using the address

Please note that the relaunch brings many behind-the-scenes changes, and thus you may experience some bugs. We apologize in advance for any issues you may face during days after the launch, and don't hesitate to inform us about them!

For more information regarding the server, rules and the player’s guide, please visit the official Vergecraft website.

For more news and updates, follow us on Twitter @VergecraftRealm.