Productivity and Experience Using Macs Compared to Windows Machines

Here is an interesting thought, is typing an essay on a Mac similar to Windows? Sure, there are different ways of doing things and different softwares to use to achieve that task but do you think if it was the same person behind the Mac and Windows computer, would the essay be completely identical? How about if it was a poster or a flash animation?

Steve Jobs once said that Apple strived to create exceptional quality products so as to inspire their users to do the same with their own work. Some people would dismiss this as reality distortion field talk, but I beg to differ as I know there was a difference when I used my Thinkpad and then my Macbook.

I guess for the most part, the Mac often times "just works" as it should, it also helps that the UI is consistent and simple, of course not forgetting the look and feel of the machine - all this instills confidence, inspires, and allows us to do what we meant to do without worrying too much about anything else.