Xperia Z1 V Nexus 5 feedback wanted.

I know people will look at the title and think that these 2 phones really are not in the same ballpark but these are my final 2, but i cant quite choose..

I'm ditching the company Blackberry

I am looking for a phone that will last me about 2 years I have a good Android library (have a galaxy tab and Shield) I ont use the phone for games, but I do need good connectivity.. (i'm hoping better then iPhone)

This is what i'm after advice for..

Can anyone give me any real world feedback ( I cant test this in shops) of using these out and about, GPS accuracy, WiFi range , data speeds, recovery times etc , I live in Japan, our LTE network is nice, but we still have weak-spots and I need to know how these will deal with less than perfect connectivity.

Thanks in Advance!