The Future is "Air & Pro" (iPhone)

Anyone keeping tabs on what Apple has been doing lately would have noticed that "Air & Pro" is the future of all Apple products. Currently we have the MacBook Air & Pro. One offers extreme portability , thiness and lightness while the other provides more for the serious professional looking for extra performance. Apple is currently in the process of lining up all their ducks in a row. Hopefully we will see the iPad Pro in late 2014 to compliment the iPad Air, the Mac Mini will become the Mac Air to compliment the Mac Pro and the iPhone will lose it's numbered naming scheme.

Let's face it, I don't think Apple will continue the number-name-game going onward to iPhone 11, etc etc. It works for operating systems (OSX) but seems silly as time goes on with the phone. I think to simplify things, in 2014, Apple will just have the iPhone Air and the iPhone Pro. The iPhone Air will be the iPhone you currently know; it's thin, it's light in the hand and gets enough power on one charge to do the basic things like make calls, text, emails, few minutes of web browsing and take some photos here and there. The iPhone Pro though will be the new path Apple creates for the iPhone which has been a single product line for so long. The iPhone Pro will be the device A LOT of people have been waiting for: Gone is the rectangle, narrow screen; there is now a large beautiful display at 5.3 inches along with a new resolution for increased productivity. There would also be a substantial increase in battery life and size for those who want to be productive all day instead of being tied to a charger for a quarter of the day or more. I look forward to the future of "Air & Pro" Apple products, especially the iPhone.