12 Days of Christmas App: Are You Liking It? [u]

As you already know, Apple released a pretty neat app called "12 Days", and:

  • On Day 1 we get videos and audio files of live performances of Justin Timberlake in the iTunes festival, which was aired for free when it was held.
  • On Day 2 we get the Pilot for a TV show called Once, and by midday it changed to Tiny Thief.

Are you getting it? Assuming the trend stays the same, Apple's leveraging this app to promote their iTunes content sales, instead of giving us valuable freebies.

Of course Apple could give us better stuff in the next few days, but while I or many of us might be greedy about getting freebies, Apple has built up hype for this app, promising us some great freebies, so we naturally expect great things for them.

I hope the next few days get better and better. If not, I am disappoint.

Update: Here's a list of last year's gifts. I guess it's not for everyone.

  • Day 1: Maroon 5 Holiday Gift EP
  • Day 2: Score! Classic Goals
  • Day 3: Sherlock Holmes: A Study in Pink
  • Day 4: Rachel's Holiday by Marian Keyes
  • Day 5: Ed Sheeran: iTunes Festival 2012 Holiday Gift EP
  • Day 6: Sonic Jump by SEGA
  • Day 7: Disney's Toy Story Toons
  • Day 8: Ken Follett: The Pillars of the Earth
  • Day 9: The xxmas EP
  • Day 10: The Photo Cookbook - Quick & Easy
  • Day 11: One Direction Little Things Music Video
  • Day 12: Shark Dash by Gameloft