Should Microsoft get rid of the tile interface?

Whenever I ask about windows phone to a casual friend of mine they always say that the UI is ridiculous and I tend to agree that its so flat and dark its just ridiculous. When you come to think of it the whole "tile" interface has been an epic failure for Microsoft so far. Every single product that uses it has been either a failure or a disappointment.

Windows phone look should have been based on windows 7, Android looks similar to windows 7 and yet is perfectly touch optimized.

If a windows 7/vista user picks up a windows phone he absolutely cannot relate ANYTHING with the windows that he uses on his computer. That's not a good thing. Microsoft thought windows 8 would solve that issue but it has been a disappointment so far and the adoption of the tile interface on desktop is very low.

I think the tile interface looks great within apps but its really just a terrible decision to have the OS based on it.