MacBook Air running iOS

Apple and Microsoft are more and more converging computer operating systems with mobile systems. There are multiple tablets running full version of Windows and Windows 8 is already offering better user experience on those tablets than on classic computers (without touchscreen). Will Apple follow this trend in upcoming hardware and software updates? Will we see new, bigger and more powerful iPad running OS X? Or will next generation of MacBooks run iOS?

There are multiple reasons we may build our expectations of merging Apple OS on:

- The latest version of iWork has more unified across-platform design than ever

- Building software for one architecture and customizing just user interface across platforms will save time for developers

- One day we will use mobile phone (connected with monitor, keyboard and mouse) instead of computer. You may not agree with that but I believe that it is inevitable consequence of minimization

- 5S is already running 64-bit processor

We should also consider some barriers, the main one is that mobile processors have different architecture, therefore you cannot run computer applications on mobiles. While mobile processor architecture is more power efficient, computer architecture is more effective.

Making Mac out of iPhone may be the finish line and there are multiple ways for getting there. This is the one I believe might work: Apple devices will be offered in two variants - Air (powered by mobile CPUs) and Pro (powered by computer CPUs). While Air products will be focused on maximum mobility, Pro will be focused on maximum power. Running applications designed for computers on future Air products might be powered by (paid) cloud computing. This solution will also improve the future cash-flow stability of Apple Inc



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