NAS featurs in windows

hi there

due to some drivers incompatability between my towerraid (packing 12 tb of storage) and my windows8.1 pc, i been looking at synology NAS

the original plan was to pick up a cheap one, hook the towerraid as external storage and bam use it to the fullest

but then i thought again, that pc is running 24/7 and reverting back to win7 will elemenate all problems, so why buy another device ?

so here is the question : how can i get the DSM features in windows ?

for example, sharing permissions has been hell to deal with, specially when lets say mapping a local drive online

i know that there has to be a project that do that

thanks in advanced


note: i have 5 pcs/tabs/notebooks windowd 8 at home, thats why i need dead simple sharing for drives/photos/videos...etc