Android Launcher Concept - Simplicity, Elegance, and Information

When most Android users are asked why they find the OS so enticing, their answers tend to be related to Android's customizability. I would have to disagree - to an extent. To me, the benefits of Android lie not in its ability to be constantly manipulated, but in what can be done with it. Personally, I like to take advantage of Android to give me all of the information that I'm interested in on my homescreen, but I feel like the solutions available for that are lacking. That's why I came up with this concept; it's a simple, three page launcher replacement that aims to provide easy yet elegant access to all of one's information.

The launcher is based on three pages - Today, Feeds, and Notifications.


The center page, Today, is an obvious spin on/rip-off of Google Now, but on the homescreen. It would contain standard Google Now-like cards (weather, sports, calendar, news, local events, directions), but would also be open to third-party developers to create their own cards, much like how many developers create widgets to go along with their apps. The Today page itself would be vertically paginated, rather than continuously scrolling, with a scrolling animation similar to HTC's blinkfeed.



The left page, Feeds, is based on HTC's blinkfeed, with access to Facebook, Twitter, and RSS feeds built-in, and third-party developers able to add access to their apps. At the top of the screen, users are able to sort between displaying content from all feeds, or a single individual feed. Like Today, Feeds would be vertically paginated, with blinkfeed-like animations.



The right page, Notifications, is as simple as the name sounds - it would display all notifications currently in the Android notification bar, with a horizontally paginated/Blinkfeed animated setup similar to the other two pages.


I am not a developer, so don't expect this in the Play Store any time soon, but feel free to provide your comments below.