What are your goals for the new year, and how do you plan on keeping them?

New Years resolutions are notorious for being broken after a few months.

This year, what are your resolutions, and what tips do you have for staying on track?

My goals:

  • Lose 20 pounds by April. I lost 20 pounds last year, but then gained a bit back after turning 21.
  • Take more pictures.
  • Get a job after graduating in May.
  • Read more. My Nook is filled with books I have yet to read, and I like to use the excuse, "I'm so busy with school, work, and my internship that I just can't do it." I'm trying to be better about making time to read.
How I plan to stay on track:
  • Lift. I've tried using it in the past, but I never stayed fully committed. This time around, I'm going to check it every day and make sure I follow through with all of my goals.
  • Having a friend to work out with, and another friend to go out and take pictures with.
  • Starting a podcast. I'm going to pick up a Blue Yeti in the near future, and do a weekly podcast tracking my progress, and just talking with friends.